Our Ultimate New Zealand Roadtrip with Wilderness Motorhomes

So remember a couple months ago when I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel and a bunch of y’all were like “waaaat” “do it” “for funsies!” “I’d totally watch that!” “I’d subscribe!”…well here’s your chance friends. Go watch our New Zealand highlight video and subscribe suckas! 😂 (kidding about the “suckas” part.) *blush*

It was kinda funny putting this highlight film together. Three years ago Kaleb and I went to Thailand and put together a highlight video of our trip, then months later our engaged friends were like “hey you edit videos, film our wedding!” And we were like “sure?!” (Emphasis on the question mark). In less than two months our new incorporated KEJ Productions went from being an all service “production company” to a boutique wedding videography company which is TOTALLY why we have a standard corporate name as opposed to the super trendy “[insert hipster name A] + [hipster name B]” company name. Not throwing shots against trendy names. I debate every day whether to change our company name or not….where was I going with this….ah yes! This edit.

Yea. This edit was hard. WAY harder than the Thailand video for a bunch of really dumb, technical, ego driven reasons, to be honest. I’m critical of everything we create, and at one point I was editing a film for filmmakers and not for us. I continually had to remind myself, this is for FUN. Don’t overthink it. Include the best and most memorable parts of your trip…so that’s what we did.

This edit only includes our tour of the South Island which made up a little over two thirds of our adventure. We road tripped the best of New Zealand with Wilderness Motorhomes. We have received SO MANY questions about our camper that over the next couple weeks we will tell you all about it. We also hope to answer some questions about how we planned our adventure, our route, New Zealand must sees, and must eats.

Enjoy this highlight of our road trip with Wilderness Motorhomes!


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